Northern Lights Produces 'Karle Pasand'

Northern Lights is a Bhangra producer who has been a quiet force, but now he is back with the release of the video for his new single "Karle Pasand."

The single features vocalist Parvez Peji. With a lineage of successful artists, will Parvez be able to live up to the name? Parvez's father is Ustad Puran Shah Koti and is the younger brother of Master Saleem!

"Kale Pasand" acts as the lead single for Northern Lights' upcoming album which is slated for release this summer. The video is very well done as it features a unique story.

The leading lady is on her iPad looking through potential suitors. With Northern Lights and Parvez singing their tune on the TV, is it a matter of time before this single gal finds the right guy?

Watch this clip to see if our leading lady finds the love of her life.