Rishi Rich About to Drop New Goldkartz Album '24 Karaatz'

Rishi Rich is fishing for another hit, and it looks like he's ready to reel in something big with critically acclaimed Malaysian supergroup, Goldkartz. Goldkartz are about to release their second studio album, but the duo has been on the scene since their 2008 release, Loaded. This debut caught the attention of the Malaysia's music elite, as the album was nominated at Malaysia's 2009 Music Industry Awards. Loaded also has the unique distinction of being the first Urban Bhangra album to be produced exclusively in Malaysia. 

We reviewed the teaser for this track a while back, but the final version exceeded our expectations.
Goldkartz will be treading new water with 24 Karaatz, as the group plans to release the album globally. Warner Music will help distribute the music in South East Asia, Speed Hits will take India, and Moviebox will release 24 Karaatz to the UK, and then the world. Goldkartz promises special bonus tracks for their fans in South Asia, featuring native artists like Awie, Boy Radge and Shankar Mahadevan. 

Goldkartz have high expectations for 24 Karaatz. But, with help from some of the top names in the Urban Bhangra scene, the album should be a sure thing. For starters, the album was produced by legendary UK hit-machine, Rishi Rich. Rich is one of the most acclaimed producers in the biz, having worked with mega-stars like Jay Sean and Juggy D. With Rishi Rich attached to this release, there's no telling what kind of success Goldkartz will achieve.

In addition to his work with Goldkartz, Rishi has also been active with Sunset Entertainment Group, an exclusive artist management firm that works to bring fusion content to the masses.

What do you guys think about the new Goldkartz album? It obviously has the potential to be a super hit, especially considering all the help they're getting. Will 24 Karaatz be the album of the summer?