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Rishi Rich Productions Heads Down to 10 Downing Street

Dressed to impress, Bhangra singers, Juggy D, H Dhami, and producer Rishi Rich, headed down to 10 Downing street to celebrate the Punjabi harvest festival, Vaisakhi, with Prime Minister David Cameron today. They were invited to this celebration as key leaders in UK's Sikh community. With the impact they make on the youth in the UK, and abroad, it makes perfect sense that these men would be invited to an event of this sort. 

Rishi Rich and his camp have acted as role models and mentors to young British, Asians. They have set up the Rish Rich academy giving the youth a taste of the entertainment industry, and have kept the South Asian community united through the arts.  It's great to see their efforts recognized .

Juggy D, Rishi Rich, and H-Dhami at 10 Downing Street