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Taj-E and Bee 2 Say 'Dar Lagda'

Cold stares and morbid scenes set the mood in Taj-E's and Bee 2's new video "Dar Lagda." In true Sound Pipe Records fashion, the Bhangra boys strive to bring us a well produced and unique clip. The concept is different for the Brit-Asian Bhangra scene and it keeps the viewers watching.

However Taj-E's and Bee 2's previous videos such as "Bundook" and "BIG" are much more intriguing. Besides the quality production the artists do a good job of exuding scary vibes that would make anyone say "Dar Lagda" (I'm scared) after watching the scary clip.

It also takes some getting used to watching a traditional Bhangra track laced over such a contemporary music video, but it's also setting a new standard for future Bhangra clips. The boys have definitely branded themselves as "Sik 'N' Twisted," which happens to be the name of their debut album.