Mehsopuria - Faith - Upcoming Religious Album

Pranay Records proudly present ‘Faith’ by International Bhangra artist MEHSOPURIA. 
‘Faith’ contains both the Japji and Rehras Sahib, with 7 superbly composed and sung Shabbads by Mehsopuria.

The concept of ‘Faith’ is about my belief in Sikhism and the Gurbani. Although not being a baptised Sikh, I am far off the path the Bani shows but I feel reciting the Bani and learning about it is always enlightening ……. Mehsopuria

Official Tracklist :

01. Japji Sahib
02. Waheguru ft Shubhra
03. Bhulle Marag
04. Suraj Kiran
05. Haun Vaari
06. Rehras Sahib
07. Ardaas
08. Kirtan Sohela
09. Gurmukh Sakhi
10. Kithe Parkaar
11. Waheguru