Video: ‘This DJ’ Dips Releases Music Video For “Tohar”

The music video for “Tohar” has dropped and it’s quite strange.  It depicts DJ Dips and Garry Sandhu as low-class construction workers.  Though that’s just an assumption viewers have at the start.  As the footage rolls we learn they’re also ballers, which doesn’t make sense.  It doesn’t seem well executed nor does it compliment the track’s sound.  While listening to “Tohar”, we thought it would have a more traditional vibe.  However, most of this video is Westernized.  There is one scene where background Bhangra dancers are seen, but that’s it.    

If fans love the track they’ll look past the flaws, otherwise it’ll leave them in confusion.  We think this because the scenes jump between construction sites, boxing rings, nightclubs and various other locations.  None of these have anything to do with what’s being sung.  Let us know if you agree with the music video’s execution!