Interview: Urban Desi Artist Sonia Panesar Discusses New Found Fame and Working with Phat Kat

The man behind the hit single, Down 2nite, Phat Kat is all geared up to introduce his next act, going by the name of Sonia Panesar, a talented Punjabi/Hindi vocalist and songwriter. 

We caught up with the newcomer to find out about her passion for music, her debut single Nachungi, as well as her views on the music industry and whether she plans to go Bollywood someday.

Question: Tell us about your debut single, Nachungi?

Sonia: Nachungi – is my debut single in Hindi, which means ‘I will dance’ has been written by me and expresses the feeling of joy so much that it makes you want to dance! It’s a great Urban Hindi or some say ‘Retro’ track produced by UK’s up and coming producer Phat Kat.

Q: Did you feel it was difficult to break into the music scene?

Sonia: Yes and no, I think it’s more about the right time and the right place and also if you have the will to succeed you will get there.

Q: You’re mainly a Punjabi and Hindi vocalist, what makes you different from other female acts?

Sonia: Unlike other artists I write and compose my own melodies and also lay down the foundation of each of my songs in regards to production. I play a key role in vocal production as well. 

Q: You’ve got Phat Kat rapping in the background who’s also produced the track; do you feel it’s important to have that fusion in today’s songs?

Sonia: ‘Fusion’ is a key word that you have used there and is a word I like to play with very often in music. I strongly believe that fusion - be it through instruments or voice - are important because it represents the world today – i.e. a multicultural society.

Q: Any plans to go Bollywood someday?

Sonia: I will conquer one kingdom at a time, but yes the aim is to go to Bollywood!

Q: If there was one thing you could change about today’s music industry, what would it be?

Sonia: I’ll be honest this can be a touchy subject. In my opinion, established artists and record labels should assist up and coming artists. Currently, it seems that the established ones are sticking together and the up and coming artists are generally lost and have no real sense of music and what music really means. This is why Flavashop Productions is one of a few production companies/record labels who are creating a platform for new talent with the right attitude and drive to pursue their musical ambitions. We all have to start somewhere and nothing is easy, you have to work hard to get where you want to be and that’s the bottom line.

Q: Who would be your dream collaboration?

Sonia: There are a few names I can think of, however, Hariharan is my ultimate dream collaboration.

Q: What does Sonia get up to when away from the public eye?

Sonia: I’m a full time Mum to my two year old son which is the best job in the world.
I host workshops at schools introducing them to Indian music. I do vocal production for other artists whilst recording at Flavashop Productions as well as song writing and compositions for other artists.

Q: What’s next for you?

Sonia: First the ‘B’ side to Nachungi has just been set for release also on the same day. This track is called ‘Baadal’ and has been produced by India’s pioneer of House, Hamza – this track is also in Hindi and is my first ‘world fusion’ debut.

I will be featuring on Phat Kat’s next single in a duet and hope to release another single later this year. Other than that I will be performing at melas and festivals across UK throughout the year. 

Q: Any messages for your fans?

Sonia: I am very grateful for the overwhelming feedback, response and support from all family friends and now fans, and it has made my musical journey all the more worthwhile – so THANK YOU! Thank you all for your support and please continue supporting by buying the track via legitimate sites iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Join me on, and check out my website to be kept up to date with performances.