R.I.P Karan MC - 25 March

A man who was known as one of the most powerful voices in the Bhangra music industry has passed away.  Karan MC, known for popular tracks such as, Lishkarey Tere Koke Da and Soneh Lengeh Waalieh has passed away. Many are saddened by the death of this talented artist and they have reached out to fans expressing their grief.  DJ Sanj tweeted,

Currently information has not been released regarding the details of his passing or funeral service.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this artist who has touched the lives of many. His works will never be forgotten.This is a great loss to the Bhangra industry and fans, media outlets, and artists are remembering Karan MC and the famous works he has left behind.

Karan MC one of the most powerful voices in the Punjabi music industry with numerous hits such as Liskarey Tere Koke Da, Soneh Lengeh Waalieh and Balle Balle Hogai Mithro to name a few.