Miss Pooja Biography

Miss Pooja (ਮਿਸ ਪੂਜਾ; born on 4 December 1980 as Gurinder Kaur Kainth; ਗੁਰਿੰਦਰ ਕੌਰ ਕੈਂਥ) is a Punjabi singer and actress

Miss Pooja was born as Gurinder Kaur Kainth on 4 December 1980. Her father's name is Inderpal Kainth and her mother's name is Saroj Devi. She has one sister, Maninder Kaur Kainth, and brother Manpreet Kainth. She comes from a Nirankari family. Before embarking on her professional singing career, she received a master's degree in music and worked as a music teacher in Tutti Public School in Rajpura, India. She chose Miss Pooja as her professional name because "Pooja" was her childhood nickname.
She is widely regarded as having revived Punjabi duet songs. During the late eighties to the early 21st century, Punjabi duet songs were often given second place by DJ's. However, Miss Pooja's duets often get played at the top of the party. She has become the largest selling female bhangra artist in India and overseas. A partial reason for her success is the rapid increase in the number of songs that she continues to record. She has released duets with more than 70 different male singers.

Miss Pooja started her career with Sukhdev Jalalabad and released the album Jaan to Piyari; it was released in January 2006. Since then she has recorded duets with other artists on over 1500 songs and released over 300 albums.

Miss Pooja toured the United States in 2006. In 2007 a Miss Pooja live session was broadcast in the UK on BBC Asian Network. In 2008 she toured the United Kingdom with Canadian bhangra singer Jazzy B.
In 2009 Miss Pooja won Best International Act at the UK Asian Music Awards. In 2010 she won Best International Album for her album Romantic Jatt. In 2011 she was nominated for Best International Act and Best International Album (for Panjaban) and ended up winning Best International Act.

2011: Miss Pooja Live in Concert 2 (T-Series)
2010: The Miss Pooja Project: Volume 1 (Underground)
2009: Romantic Jatt (MovieBox/R&P Records/Planet Recordz/Speed Records)
2008: Miss Pooja in Desi Mood (Goyal Music)
2008: Miss Pooja Top 10 All Time Hits Vol. 5 (Simran Music Industries)
2008: Miss Pooja Live in Concert (Speed Records)
2008: On Full Speed 2 (Goyal Music)
2007: Queen of Duets (Lucky Star)
2007: Top 10 All Time Hits (Simran Music Industries)

2011: Panth Khalsa (Big Music)
2010: Kurbaniyaan (T-Series)
2010: Saare Kar Lou Eka Begumpura Vasauna Mere Pio De Chittaraan Vich (T-Series)
2008: Nimaneya Di Laaj (T-Series)
2008: Ek Onkar (T-Seriers)

2010: Channa Sachi Muchi
2010: Panjaban: Love Rules Hearts