Video: G-Deep - Baaton Mein

Singer/Lyrics - G-Deep
Music - Senjay Luckey
Song - Baaton Mein
Album - O'Billo
Label - Saregama (Worldwide) and Times Music (South East Asia)

Video By Real G Production's USA
Director/Editor - Movements by Shar

The G-Deep Music Team is proud to publicize the release of G-Deep's next single/music video for 'Batton Mein' (O'Billo album). The song is about heartache and despair caused from a broken relationship. G-Deep is seen passionately singing the character's feelings, emotions, and past memories that still trouble him.

As for the music video, we have done something different than the normal music videos you see everyday. We actually showed the background story in pictures; the pictures will take the viewer through the breakup story, the beautiful memories of the past, and the after effects of the couple's separation from each other. G-Deep's performance parts were shot at two very distinct locations. One location is a broken down and completely destroyed large old home, it made sense to shoot the performance here because the set complemented the song very well. The set is a torn down home that was probably a happy place for a family at some point in the past and at the same time, the character of the song is broken down at the moment who was once in a happy place. We also shot G-Deep's performance parts at the train tracks; G-Deep is seen walking back and forth in the train tracks while performing the song. The tracks represent uncertainty and a feeling of being lost or stuck, similar feeling is also symbolized by the song.