Soho Road: Five Rivers to Five Boroughs Exhibit Hits New York City!

This weekend the Soho Road:  Five Rivers to Five Boroughs exhibit set foot in New York City. The exhibit will be showcased at 92YTribeca for a few weeks; the exhibit's launch was celebrated by a panel discussion, reception, as well as a performance by Shin of DCS - and DH! was there to catch it all!

The panel discussion included author Rajinder Durdrah, Bhangra artist Shin, DJs Rekha and Boy Chana, educator Nina Chanpreet Singh, and producer Erica Rubin. The discussion was led by Rajinder who reminded us all of how influential each of the panelists has been on the Bhangra scene.

The conversation covered vast topics and presented many points of view. Shin spoke very openly about the decline in live bands on the Bhangra scene. He jokingly said, "...then came the Bally Sagoo's..." referring to all the new age producers who began sampling music. Shin also accredits the decline in live bands to the increasing use of sophisticated technology.

DJ Rekha respectfully answered as an event coordinator, saying a live band requires money because bands have up to 10 people. There are also issues with traveling restrictions and immigration barriers. Another point made by DJ Rekha was the lack of raw talent here in the United States.

Nina Singh talked about Bhangra as a male dominated industry, whether in music or dance. DJ Rekha countered, "Look at me!" as she is a woman who has made quite a name for herself. But DJ Rekha also agreed and said, "yes there are the issues of gender roles, but that's life and we just have to deal with." Boy Chana shared some great stories as to what he has seen and experienced through his career, including how he started with a pirated radio show and ventured into journalism.

The night ended with some Bhangra! Shin took to the stage and proved that he is a rockstar. Dressed in a red sherwani and accompanied by a dhol player, Shin wowed everyone who was proud of the strides Bhangra has made as a culture! Are you interested in catching this exhibit?