Miss Pooja Knows This is 'How We Ride'

Miss Pooja is the biggest female vocalist on the Bhangra scene and she's back as a feature on the song "How We Ride."
Miss Pooja has been pretty quiet on the scene! We've caught a couple of features here and there, and of course there's the news of her UK AMA win as Best International Act, but that's about it. While balancing her acting and music careers, we are sure Miss Pooja is just hard at work.
DJ A.P.S. brings Miss Pooja back to the forefront with his song "How We Ride." The small tastes of Miss Pooja's voice are great, but we do miss her in the video.

Check out the video for "How We Ride" and let us know if you want to hear something new from Miss Pooja or if you like her off the scene.