Nick Chowlia Remixes Delhi 2 Dublin's 'Master Crowley'

For his latest music venture, Canadian producer Nick Chowlia applied his musical twist on Delhi 2 Dublin's single "Master Crowley."
Nick Chowlia has worked with the likes of En Karma and most recently Raju Johal. His pure Punjabi flavor keeps his music catchy and the collaborations coming! Delhi 2 Dublin is a band with an eclectic style and sound which has won them fans far and wide.

With these two forces coming together, there is an expectation for great music. The recent mash-up is titled "Master Crowley vs. Mr. Chowlia." In a press release, Nick Chowlia said, "This collaboration enabled me to utilize my collective musical experience, yet push the envelope with improvisation. The result was a freshly infused 'Master Crowley' that adds a new twist to the original."
Take a listen to this clip of the mash-up and let us know if Nick Chowlia adds to this tune or ruins it.