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Rishi Rich's Newest Artists

Rishi Rich has launched the careers of many artists in the past, the famous Brit-Asian producer through the Rishi Rich Project brought us Jay Sean and Juggy D who have both gone on to become household names. Rishi also managed to start a production company where he contracted the likes of Mumzy Stranger and Veronica. It's been quite some time since Rishi has brought us new artists so these singers must be very special to him.

The first of Rishi's new artists is 22-year-old female vocalist Kiran Dhanoa. The young singer is bringing you a fusion of Bhangra, Bollywood and R&B. Mainly a Panjabi singer, Kiran has the ability to write lyrics in English, Panjabi and Hindi allowing her to appeal to a wider audience.

The singer will be competing with the likes of Veronica, Karen David and Preeya Kalidas alongside the latest clan of youthful singers, Jaya and Kazz Kumar.

Kiran presents herself in a totally unique way; she recently performed on stage in a traditional dress wearing specs, a look which is rarely seen, but Ms. Dhanoa carries is it off well.

Kiran recently posted on her fan page: Feel so blessed, thankful and happy... Two more tracks in progress of being written... No more writers block!!

We look forward to finding out what this young singer does next. 

Romy Shay is Rishi Rich’s new Bollywood solo artist who joined the camp last year. Since then, he's been spending time performing his track, "Mr Bollywood Star" in the UK and India.

The singer’s biggest inspiration is the late Nusrat Fateli Khan, and the new singer even has a tattoo of Khan imprinted on his arm. It should also be mentioned that Romy is related to B-town actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra. 

Romy recently posted on his fan page - Back from meetings in Mumbai with my management, had the honour to meet Liz Hurley and my Bollywood queen Shilpa Shetty! We won’t be surprised to see Romy performing in a Bollywood collaboration sometime soon.