Bipasha Basu Kicks Off IIFA with Nindy Kaur and RDB!

IIFA officially kicked off in Toronto on June 17-19. Urban Desi artist Nindy Kaur, and the universally commended musical group, RDB, were named the Brand Ambassadors for IIFA Buzz Brampton. To make the event even greater, the group personally invited Bollywood beauty, Bipashu Basu, turning the weekend festivities into a star-studded celebration.

Brampton’s mayor, Susan Fennell, awarded Nindy Kaur with a Walk of Fame and plaque for the amazing success she had in bringing maximum awareness to the IIFA Brampton Buzz. It is being said that Kaur and Basu have established a strong bond, so we are anticipating a hopeful collaboration amongst the two in the future.

On July 24-25, Nindy Kaur will walk down the green carpet for IIFA Rocks at Rico Coliseum and the IIFA Awards at the Rogers Centre. She will also perform her number one single off of the new album, Nindypendent, in front of 10,000 guests and 60 million viewers via television.

These Canadian artists got their first taste of Bollywood royalty this weekend, so are our Urban Desi artists headed to Bollywood?