Fitteh Moo - PBN

Award winning artist PBN, who gave us the best album of 2010 and the biggest selling single last year has started his campaign to take over 2011 as well. His new album - 'Me, Myself & Music' is set to release this autumn and PBN's first single 'Fitteh Moo' is already creating a major buzz for what is set to be another hit album.

The man behind hits such as 'Kaun Nee Jaandah', 'Aashiq' and 'Aaj Me Peeni' has been reigning the Bhangra charts, dance floors and DJ systems over the last few years. His popularity and demand has lead to collaborations with renowned artists and performances across the globe. With each album his reach is getting further and his following is getting bigger.

Showcasing his ability to work with different styles and an understanding of his audience, PBN continues to attract listeners and satisfy Bhangra fans around the world.

PBN aims to create memorable numbers, which stand the test of time and live up to his 'Hitmaker' title. With his latest release, 'Fitteh Moo' PBN has done just that. This light-hearted, girls versus boys track, complete with a catchy hook has all the makings of a dance floor smash. The track is in a more old school style that we haven't heard from PBN up until now, but doesn't disappoint. This summer PBN will have us all saying 'Fitteh Moo'.